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Raise Island

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Raise Island

Conjuration (Creation)

Spellcraft DC: 38
Components: V, S, XP, Ritual
Casting Time: 65 days, 11 minutes
Range: 0 ft.
Area: 100-ft.-radius hemispherical island
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 360,000 gp; 8 days; 14,400 XP. Seed: conjure (DC 21). Factors: change area to 10-ft. radius, 30-ft. high cylinder (+2 DC), change radius to 100 ft. (+40 DC), change height to 1,000 feet (+133 DC), permanent (×5 DC). Mitigating factors: increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC), increase casting time by 65 days (-130 DC), nineteen additional casters contributing epic spell slots (-361 DC), one additional caster contributing one 6th-level spell slot (-11 DC), burn 2,000 XP per epic caster (-400 DC), spell only works on liquid (ad hoc -20 DC).

The character can literally raise a new island from out of the sea, bringing to the surface a sandy or rocky but otherwise barren protrusion that is solid, stable, and permanently established. The island is roughly circular and about 200 feet in diameter. Raise island only works if the ocean is less than 1,000 feet deep where the spell is cast.

XP Cost

2,000 XP.