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Create Living Vault

Create Living Vault (Ritual)

Conjuration (Creation)

Spellcraft DC: 58
Components: V, S, XP, Ritual
Casting Time: 100 days, 11 minutes
Range: 0 ft.
Effect: One living vault, 50 ft. by 50 ft. by 10 ft.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None
To Develop: 540,000 gp; 11 days; 21,600 XP. Seeds: animate (DC 25) large chunk of stone, fortify (DC 27). Factors: allow vault to “grow” to proper size in 4d4 days (ad hoc +20 DC), increase HD of object by 92 (+184 DC), grant magical immunity (ad hoc +105 DC), increase damage reduction to 30 (+29 DC) and to /+7 (+18 DC), make permanent (×5 DC). Mitigating factors: increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC), increase casting time by 100 days (- 200 DC), 16d6 backlash (-16 DC), seven additional casters contributing one epic spell slot (-133 DC), four additional casters contributing one 2nd-level spell slot (- 12 DC), one additional caster contributing one 1st-level spell slot (-1 DC), burn 20,000 XP per epic caster (- 1,600 DC).

The character creates a construct known as a living vault to protect and hide his or her treasures. Upon completion, the vault initially measures only 5 feet on a side, but it gradually increases to its proper size over the following 4d4 days. The vault is attuned to the character, allowing him or her alone entrance and egress in a manner similar to a dimension door spell. When the character desires the vault to hide itself, he or she gives it a simple command. To summon the vault, the character may cast a sending spell or arrange some other manner to contact it.

XP Cost

20,000 XP.